This quiz covers the content in ITE 6.0 Chapter 1. It is designed to provide an additional opportunity to practice the skills and knowledge presented in the chapter and to prepare for the Chapter Exam. You will be allowed multiple attempts and the grade does not appear in the gradebook.

There are multiple task types that may be available in this quiz. Rather than having static graphics to view, some items may require you to open a PT activity and perform some investigation and configuration of devices before answering the question.
IT Essential Chapter 1 Quiz Answer Quizzes

NOTE: There are some small differences in how the questions score and operate in the Quiz and how they score and operate in the Chapter Exam. Quizzes allow for partial credit scoring on all item types to foster learning. Points on quizzes can also be deducted for answering incorrectly. This does not occur with the Chapter Exam.
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1. What type of memory is integrated directly into the CPU chip to provide fast access to data?

2. What does RAID stand for?
Redundant Array of Independent Disks

3. A customer has requested that a PC be built that will support eSATA. Which component should be checked to be sure that this feature is supported?
hard disk
RAM module

4. A network administrator currently has three servers and needs to add a fourth, but does not have enough room for an additional monitor and keyboard. Which device allows the administrator to connect all the servers to a single monitor and keyboard?
PS/2 hub
KVM switch
touchscreen monitor
USB switch

5. What does RAM stand for?
Random access memory.

6. What danger is posed to a technician by opening a power supply even after it has been unplugged for an extended period of time?
shock from stored high voltage
poisoning from toxic fumes
exposure to heavy metals
burns from hot components

7. What does HDMI stand for?
High definition multimedia interface.

8. Which two pieces of information are needed before selecting a power supply? (Choose two.) 
the type of CPU
the total wattage of all components
the installed operating system
the voltage requirements of peripheral devices
the form factor of the case
the form factor of the case

9. Which adapter card in a PC would provide data fault tolerance?
I/O card
capture card
SD card
RAID card

10. What is a characteristic of thin clients?
They perform all processing tasks internally.
They require a network connection to access storage and processor resources.
They are able to run multiple operating systems simultaneously.
They require large amounts of fast RAM.

11. Which term refers to the technique of increasing the speed of a processor from the specified value of its manufacturer?

12. When a computer is being built, which three components must have the same form factor? (Choose three.)
video card
power supply

13. What unit is used to measure the amount of resistance to the flow of current in a circuit?

14. Fill in the blank.
Servers and high-end workstations commonly use 
____________ memory, which is specialized memory as it has additional circuitry to manage large amounts of RAM.

15. Fill in the blank.
A user has a new computer with only a USB port. The user will need a USB to Ethernet _________________________
to connect to the office wired LAN.

16. Which two software interfaces allow adjustment of the CPU voltage? (Choose two.)
Control Panel, Power settings
Control Panel, Device Manager
UEFI settings
Control Panel, System settings
BIOS settings

17. Which three devices are considered output devices? (Choose three.)
fingerprint scanner

18. Which hardware upgrade would allow the processor in a gaming PC to provide the optimal gaming performance?
liquid cooling
a fast EIDE drive
large amounts of fast RAM
a high capacity external hard drive

19. What does hyperthreading do?
Hyperthreading tricks your computer into thinking the processor has more cores than it does.

20. Which tool can be used to take resistance and voltage measurements?

21. What is an accepted method for cleaning computer components?
using glass cleaner on a soft cloth to clean the outside of the mouse

22. A technician should keep a personal ______________________
where all steps taken to repair a computer problem are noted including any configuration changes made.

23. What would make it easier for a technician to troubleshoot a problem that has been previously solved by another technician?
centralized closed trouble tickets

24. What is a proper directive for using a can of compressed air to clean a PC?
Do not spray the compressed air with the can upside down.

25. A technician accidentally spills a cleaning solution on the floor of the workshop. Where would the technician find instructions on how to properly clean up and dispose of the product?
the safety data sheet

26. What tool would be used to determine which network port attaches to a specific office jack?
toner probe

27. Which tool would be used to scan Windows critical system files and replace any corrupted files?

28. Which two devices commonly affect wireless networks? (Choose two.)
cordless phones

29. Which type of fastener is loosened and tightened with a hex driver?
six sided bolt

30. Which device can protect computer equipment from brownouts by providing a consistent quality of electrical power?

31. Which statement describes the term ESD?
It is the sudden discharge of static electricity that can adversely affect a component.

32. Which tool would be used to create a partition on a hard drive?
Disk Management

33. What three guidelines should be followed to provide safe conditions when computer equipment is being repaired? (Choose three.)
Turn off the power to the printer and computer before beginning.
Bend your knees when lifting heavy objects.
Do not open the power supply.

34. What are two safety hazards when dealing with laser printers? (Choose two.)
hot components
high voltage

35. What safety hazard might occur if a partially filled aerosol can is exposed to excessive heat?

36. Which tool can protect computer components from the effects of ESD?
antistatic wrist strap
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