ITE Chapter 8 Exam Answer 2018-Skipzen. This exam will cover material from Chapter 8 of the ITE 6.0 curriculum. This exam will be scored using the Weighted Model where each MCSA (Multiple-Choice Single-Answer) is worth two points and each MCMA (Multiple-Choice Multiple-Answer) is worth one point for each correct option.
ITE Chapter 8 Exam Answer 2018

Chapter 8 Exam
1. A user notices that the data transfer rate for the gigabit NIC in the user computer is much slower than expected. What is a possible cause for the problem?
The NIC duplex settings have somehow been set to half-duplex.

2. Two LEDs are usually present on a NIC. What are the two primary uses for these LEDs? (Choose two.)
to indicate the presence of a connection
to indicate that data transfer activity is present

3. What is the purpose of the network profiles that are used to establish a new network connection on a Windows PC?
to provide an easy way to configure or apply network functions based on the type of network to be joined

4. A wireless router is displaying the IP address of What could this mean?
The wireless router still has the factory default IP address.

5. A technician is configuring the channel on a wireless router to either 1, 6, or 11. What is the purpose of adjusting the channel?
to avoid interference from nearby wireless devices

6. Which combination of user account and network location profile allows a user to become a member of a homegroup?
a standard user account with a network location profile of Home

7. A business traveler connects to a wireless network with open authentication. What should the traveler do to secure confidential data when connecting to the business services?
Connect with a VPN.

8. A technician has been asked to configure a broadband connection for a teleworker. The technician has been instructed that all uploads and downloads for the connection must use existing phone lines. Which broadband technology should be used?

9. Which type of connection to the Internet is capable of the fastest transfer rates?

10. Which technology would be recommended for a business that requires workers to access the Internet while visiting customers at many different locations?

11. A small company is considering moving many of its data center functions to the cloud. What are three advantages of this plan? (Choose three.)
The company only needs to pay for the amount of processing and storage capacity that it uses.
The company can increase processing and storage capacity as needed and then decrease capacity when it is no longer needed.
As the amount of data that the company uses increases, it becomes impractical for the data to be stored and processed in a single-tenant data center.

14. Which Cloud computing service would be best for an organization that does not have the technical knowledge to host and maintain applications at their local site?

15. A network client in a corporate environment reboots. Which type of server would most likely be used first?

16. What is a common function of a proxy server?
to store frequently accessed web pages on the internal network

17. ABC Company requires preventive maintenance for all local network cabling once a year. Which task should be included in the preventive maintenance program?
Inspect all patch cables for breaks.

18. What is a benefit of performing preventative maintenance at regular intervals?
reduction in network downtime

19. A user cannot access the network. While the technician is checking the computer, the other users on the same network report that they are having the same problem. Further investigation shows that the LED lights on each NIC are not lit. What should the technician do next?
Report the problem to the network administrator.

20. A user can print to a printer that is on the same network, but the traffic of the user cannot reach the Internet. What is a possible cause of the problem?
The PC default gateway address is missing or incorrect.

21. A technician is investigating a report that a computer is unable to access network resources. The technician discovers that the computer has an IP address of What is a logical first step in diagnosing this problem?
Check the NIC LED lights.

22. A Windows 7 computer is unable to reach a mapped drive on a file server that is on another network within the organization. Further investigation shows that the user is able to use a printer that is connected to the same network as the computer. Which action should the technician perform next?
Check Network Connection Details in the Windows GUI for the appropriate network connection.

23. A user has taken a personal laptop to work. The laptop is unable to discover the name of the office wireless network. What are two potential causes of this problem? (Choose two.)
The wireless router is not broadcasting the SSID.
The network does not support the wireless protocol in use by the laptop.

24. A network technician attempts to ping from a customer computer, but the ping fails. Access to mapped network drives and a shared printer are working correctly. What are two potential causes for this problem? (Choose two.)
DNS service is unavailable on the customer network.

25. A technician uses the nbtstat -A command. What does the technician expect to view in the command output?
current connections and statistics
Fill in the blank.

12. What is the acronym for the protocol that is used when securely communicating with a web server?

13. Match the definition to the of cloud.
built to meet a specific
services made available to the general population
made up two or more clouds connected via a single architecture

intended for a specific organization or entity, such as the government.













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