Kunci Jawaban It Esensial 2018. ITE Chapter 11 Exam Answer 2018-Skipzen. This exam will cover material from Chapter 11 of the ITE 6.0 curriculum. This exam will be scored using the Weighted Model where each MCSA (Multiple-Choice Single-Answer) is worth two points and each MCMA (Multiple-Choice Multiple-Answer) is worth one point for each correct option.

ITE Chapter 11 Exam Answer 2018
ITE Chapter 11 Exam Answer 2018

Chapter 11 Exam 27 Part

1. Which factor affects the speed of an inkjet printer?
the desired quality of the image

2. What are two cables that are used to connect a computer to a printer? (Choose two.)

3. What type of connection would be used to connect a printer directly to the network?

4. What is a characteristic of thermal inkjet nozzles?
The heat creates a bubble of steam in the chamber.
In laser printing, what is the name of the process of applying toner to the latent image on the drum?

5. What mechanism is used in a laser printer to permanently fuse the toner to the paper?

6. Which statement describes a printer driver?
It is software that converts a document into the format that a printer can understand.

7. A technician is installing a printer that will be directly connected to a computer. Why does the technician not connect the printer initially during the installation process?
The printer driver might need to be installed first before the printer is connected.

8. A Windows 7 computer has several printers configured in the Control Panel Devices and Printers window. Which printer will the computer choose to be the first option for printing?
the printer that is set as the default printer

9. What is a characteristic of global and per-document options in print settings?
Per-document options override global options.

10. A user discovers that an inkjet color printer is printing different colors from those that are shown on the screen. What can be done to solve this problem?
Calibrate the printer.

11. The users on a LAN are reporting that computers respond slowly whenever high resolution photographs are being printed on the color laser printer. What would be the cause of this problem?
The printer does not have enough memory to buffer an entire photograph.

12. What is the purpose of the Additional Drivers button in the Sharing tab of the Printer Properties?
to add additional drivers for other operating systems

13. What are two methods to connect to a printer wirelessly? (Choose two.)
IEEE 802.11 standards

14. In Windows 8, what must be configured to enable one user to share a USB-connected printer with another user on the same network?
File and printer sharing

15. Which type of print server provides the most functions and capabilities?
a dedicated PC print server

16. What are two functions of a print server? (Choose two.)
provide print resources to all connected client computers
store print jobs in a queue until the printer is ready

17. Which action supports an effective printer preventive maintenance program?
Reset the printer page counters if available.

18. How can the life of a thermal printer be extended?
Clean the heating element regularly with isopropyl alcohol.

19. After applying a solution to a printer problem, a technician restarts the printer and prints a test page. Which step of the troubleshooting process is the technician applying?
verifying the solution and system functionality

20. A technician recorded that a new fuser roller unit was installed in a laser printer to solve a printing problem. Which step in the troubleshooting process did the technician just perform?
documenting findings, actions, and outcomes

21. What are two probable causes for printer paper jams?
high humidity
the wrong type of paper

22. What corrective action should be taken if a printer is printing faded images?
replace the toner cartridge

23. What corrective action would a technician take in response to a print spooler error?
restart the print spooler

24. What would cause an inkjet printer to fail to print any pages?
The ink cartridge is empty.

25. A user tells a technician that the printer does not respond to attempts to print a document. The technician attempts to print a document and the printer does not output any pages. The technician notices that the printer LCD display is blank and unlit. What is most likely the problem?
The printer is not turned on.

26. Match the common printer configuration options to the correct descriptions. (Not all options are used.)
paper orientation
draft, normal, or photo
grayscale printing
print layout













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